Think it can’t happen to you? Think again!

A woman came into our store recently with a collection of various gold and diamond pieces. While this is a pretty standard transaction for us, she was very nervous and hesitant about it. You see, she had already been to several other jewelry stores and establishments and just didn’t feel like she was getting the best price or service. Enter: Liberty Pawn and Gold! Before we even looked at her pieces, we took to the time to get to know her and understand why she was letting go of some of her gold. It turns out she was looking to downsize her collection and trying to put away a little into a nest egg. What a great idea!

For this bracelet alone, we paid her $3000! That’s more like an Ostrich Egg! She ended up getting almost DOUBLE what she was offered at other places. She was so happy, she practically danced out the door!

We were so excited to be able to help her get to where she wanted and be able to give this piece a new home! And that new home could be yours for only $4000! 😉