A few years ago, gold buying & selling was all the rage! There were tv & radio ads, pop-up kiosks, machines, and even mail order services where you could sell your gold. Now, you see less of these services available, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have gold to sell! Liberty Pawn and Gold has been professionally assessing and buying gold in this community for over 11 years.

So why now? The price of gold is affected by a market, just like the stock market, or the value of the dollar. This market fluctuates and can go up or down depending on a variety of circumstances. In the last month or so, there has been an increase in market and the value of gold has continued to rise. This puts YOU, the consumer, in a unique and advantageous position!

Whether it’s unwanted jewelry, broken gold, gold coins or dental fillings (yes, we buy those), we all would like a little extra cash.  So check your jewelry box! Check your nightstand! Check your couch! You never know where a little treasure might be hidden away that could be cash in your hand today.

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